The best weather forecast site? 
Quote of the day:
"When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it."
Henry Ford

In my opinion, Windytv is the best of the ones I came across. It combines without compromise all the ingredients of windguru, earth, windfinder... The only thing I'd like to see incorporated is a grib file viewer.
Go through all what it offers and judge for yourselves, and let us know if you know a better one.
As usual, anything endeavored by passion surpasses what is made with profit in mind.,103.856,4

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Flysurfer Speed 4 Lotus 12 review and comparison with Airush Zero by Simon Lee 
Quote of the day:
"In the pure, immaculate waters, both the lotus and the slimy scum are found."
Sri Guru Granth Sahib (surely "slimy scum" referring to LEIs ;-))

This is a review by my friend Simon received a couple of days ago of the Flysurfer Speed 4 Lotus 12 as well as an (unfair!)comparison with Airush Zero 18.

In the end i have the SPEED 4 12m Lotus all i can say is WOW. I have a long report below you can read...

So far with the short time I have used the SPEED 4 12m Lotus it does seem very impressive. The Lotus material of course makes the difference and what a material it is never seen anything like it as has a silk type feel to it but then an oily feel at the same time. Sand and anything else just does not stick to it at all and the airtight of the material is very good but how long will it last ?

I tried the kite in just 5knts and was very surprised that it was relatively easy to get it in inflated and flying due to the super light material. Took my Sector 60 board just in case but thought there be no chance in getting going but was surprised at how fast the kite turned and how much power you could produce in the down power stroke. I tried it on the Sector 60 board and I could just about get going but was really its limit and also it was my first flight. I tried again the second day and I can pretty much confirm that 7knts works well with the Sector 60 which is pretty amazing for a 12m kite. A friend was out on an Airush 18m ZERO kite and could not get going on a large TT and he was lighter than me. I would say when I use my Airush ZERO 18m kite I can get going in about 2 knts less than this so 5knts is it min wind with a Sector 60 but it needs to be constant. I would say the SPEED 4 15m Lotus most likely would get me going in the same winds with a Sector 60.

What I find at 68kg when I use a Sector 60 I can usually get another 2knts low wind range on the kite compared to a surfboard. I will need to do further testing but the Airush ZERO 18m definitely has more low end grunt but a lot of the time its too much where the SPEED 4 12m Lotus has some surprising power when you work the kite but its a lot more refined and gentler, but very usable as the kite turns pretty quick. In a colder wind kitesurfing areas the SPEED 4 12m Lotus would be my low wind kite with the right board, I am pretty sure of that. I like to see if the SPEED 4 12m would work in the waves for lighter winds but really unsure how it would drift but I have noticed that it does have some kind of drift ability due to it being so light.

Another day of testing and direct comparison with a Airush ZERO 18m. Winds were light 7-9 knts no white caps and both riders of similar height and build with approx. same weight of 70kg. The rider on the Airush ZERO 18m was on a medium size TT 140x42cm he struggled to go up wind. I was on the Sector 60 and SPEED 4 12m Lotus and had no issues to power up wind and a lot of the time just park and ride the kite with a few 1m + jumps. The winds came down which I am pretty sure was 6-7knts but I could just about keep going by working the kite the Airush ZERO 18m rider was not able to go on the TT so he got a free race board like the Sector 60. In the end the winds were so low I could barely keep the SPEED 4 12m Lotus in the sky with some but very slight back stalling. I did not measure the winds but it was very light which I expect was 4-5knts. The Airush ZERO 18m rider also could barely keep the Airush ZERO 18m in the sky and it just started to back stall and fall out of the sky. This is usually happens at 4-5knts as I also have a Airush ZERO 18m kite and know its probably the best light wind inflatable kite on the market as it stays in the sky in very light winds when you can just feel a slight breeze on your face when facing the wind. My conclusion is very impressive and the SPEED 4 12m Lotus passes my low wind test for sure. I think the SPEED 4 12m Lotus has the advantage of being super light and being able to turn the kite pretty quick and work it to build up apparent wind and speed. I am not sure I would gain a lot from the SPEED 4 15m Lotus ?

It does appear the SPEED 4 12m Lotus has a better low wind range than I thought so it does not just feel like it has the power of a 14m but more like a 15m kite or more. The power is very deceiving as the bar pressure is so light its very "unreal" but the kite turns very well in so little winds but you have a feeling still where it is, its like having power steering or "fly by wire" like you pull the bar and the kite does it but you still have some feedback so you know where it is but I think it will take time to get used to this in very light winds. The kite also in Green looks really good in the sky.

I understand completely why many Flysufer kiters going to infallible kites must have a real BIG SHOCK and feel the bar pressure of any inflatable kite even Ozone Edges must feel very high also the kite must feel very course as the Flysurfer SPEED 4 in 12m and above are so smooth. The OZONE Edges I still feel are the closest inflatables that have that magic Flysurfer SPEED 4 feeling. An inflatable kite has a more direct instant response I would say but the SPEED 4 is not far behind.


If you can just about feel the wind on your face then you can fly the SPEED 4 12m Lotus. Once you have the SPEED 4 12m Lotus in the sky and it can be parked and feels fairly steady flying on its own above your head. Then if testing with a downward powercycle on the beach and you feel there is power to drag you a little on the beach then you will be able to get kitesurfing on a Sector 60 as long as you are around 70kg. Its very impressive and now I feel the Airush ZERO 18m may only have 1 knts better low wind range then the SPEED 4 12m Lotus.

Rider : 70kg

Board : Sector 60

Airush ZERO 18m : 5-6knts min

Flysurfer SPEED 4 12m Lotus : 6-7knts min

4-5knts both kites can only barley stay in the air flying, due to the larger surface area the Airush ZERO 18m may just stay flying in the air a little better but not by much. The SPEED 4 12m Lotus of course goes up wind alot better and has a massive wind range and very nice low bar pressure. The Airush ZERO 18m does feel more solid on the bar and would be more suited for light wind wave use I think but the wind range is very small and upwind ability is limited especially if your are a light rider and not using a big fined board. For light wind use you still need to use a Freerace board like the Sector 60 with both kites to get going in light winds under 9knts.

PS: Approving my publishing of his review, Simon said:
"Hi Alex
Yes no worries you can post the review sorry it was long but kiters need to know how good the SPEED 4 12m Lotus is. The effciency with a light wind board like the Sector 60 is phenomenal. When i tell other kiters about it they simply do not belive me until they actually see it with there own eyes then they say ok i see what you mean but some dont want to believe it still.

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Johnny Heinekens first session on the Ozone Chrono 
Quote of the day:
"I'm a pretty convenient foil for a lot of riders.
Paraphrasing Kevin Costner

Kiteforum Toby posted this today in a thread called "Ozone Chrono - High Performance DePower Foil For All Surface":

Hi everyone, here is news from a fresh off the water Johnny Heineken after his first sessions on the Chrono.

Cheers, Team Ozone

"Well, you've done it again. I got on the 12m Chrono yesterday at crissy and was blown away. The usual crowd was around to try to figure out how to deal with/launch the thing, everyone has been dying to see them. Once it's in the air and inflated it feels so solid. I rode my foil on the inside in typical end of the day, gusty crissy conditions. I was on the water from about 6-630 on it. averaging mid teens gusting 20ish.

Anyways, there is so much to say about it I'm not really sure where to start, but felt comfortable almost immediately. The biggest difference upwind is timing into the tacks. It generates so much power when moving up to go into the maneuver that I had to make sure it was almost straight up before heading up or I'd get lofted. Besides that it just holds you up during the tack. There's way more time to get your feet sorted and a minimal dive accelerates you out. Pretty cool.

And just ripping upwind it did a great job of handling the gusts. It's pretty cool to get hit by a big puff, barely sheet in, push a little harder on the board and never really feel overpowered. The kite almost trims itself and never shakes/luffs at all. I felt so much more stable on the foil just because of the consistent pull.And then there's downwind and gybing. Holy crap, SOOO F*ING RAD!

Downwind felt faster than ever and way more stable. Again, the consistency in power/line tension makes it way more easy to push speed closer to the blow up point. and I was kind of skeptical of how gybing on the foilboard would go, but it was way easier with the Chrono. Going into it I'd just raise the kite a bit and nearly all my weight would go straight onto the lines. Usually I go into the maneuver and the lines are completely slack and I'm just free-riding the board and switching my feet with nothing to lean against. The Chrono nearly held me up and could just switch my feet without the board diving as I go forward and then having to stomp on the tail to bring it back up. It was so stable I was able to get my new back foot in the strap before the downloop, and just sit back into the loop and accelerate. And that thing PULLS during the loop, but so consistently it's really easy to handle the power. I think my favorite moments were during these loops and accelerating and hearing the kite make this killer SWOOOSH as I was just taking off deep and fast.

And yes, I got the full experience. fell in a lull, ended up downwind of the kite, and it fell into itself and a bridle wrapped around a wingtip so I had a little swim. Going to have to get used to that.

Anyways there's my rant. Thanks for putting all the work into this guys, these are amazing machines. Judging by the peanut gallery's enthusiasm I think there will be plenty of interest in these things. Only problem is I think we need to start working on something in the 8-10m range. I volunteer to be the guinea pig!"


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Review of the Speed 4 Lotus 21 by Lmrutledge in kiteforum. 
Quote of the day:
"If you feel lost..., you will discover yourself, like a lotus flower in full bloom, even in a muddy pond.."
Masaru Emoto, The Secret Life of Water

Review of the Speed 4 Lotus 21 by Lmrutledge in kiteforum.

New Material: 10 +

Weight: Lighter than my Speed 3 21: Did not weigh. Def Lighter

New Lines and Bridle: 10: Faster Launch

Tip Tuck: Tried and could NOT make it even look like a Tip Tuck

Launch: Fills 10 Times faster than the Speed 3 21

Back Stall: No WAY...

Power During Turn: Has more Power/Controllable in Ultra Light Wind than the Speed 3

Rigidity: The Kite looks like its made of Fiberglass: Meaning, it has no Flex, Tip Tuck or any Flutter in the Leading edge.

Crazy Stable: Over head with hands OFF the bar it just Sits and waits for the Next Command

Upwind: Most Def. Has More Static Pull in Ultra Light wind than the Speed 3. Pulls Harder UPWIND in Super light wind by Itself.

Landing: Flew to edge of Window until Tip touched, then back stalled and the Kite behaved Way better than the Speed 3 21. Just sat there until I walked up the lines. The wind could have been lighter but I felt it was more controllable.

DISCLAIMER: I paid for the Speed 4 21. I flew the Kite for 1 hour and a half. You could say that School is still out or the F.L. has not Sung yet.

However: I can tell you without a Doubt that I could not have had the Upwind pull or as much effortless fun on my Edge 19.

When I came in, the Wind was on the Ground approx. 6 MPH. I don't know what it was at the Kite level. However, it had more Stability and did not loose its shape compared to the Speed 3 21 in the Super Light wind.

PACKING UP: Flysurfer has done something different internally with the Speed 4. As I said the Inflate was WAY faster and the DEFLATE was much faster and easier than the Speed 3 21. I might be Imaging things BUT I don think so.

The 21 turned like I would Imagine a Speed 16M would turn. I know they don't make a 16 meter. Im not sure it turns like a 15m Speed is the reason I mentioned it.

All in ALL it was the Easiest Sesh I have ever had on a Speed 21 as far as Prep, launch, kiting and Landing.


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Flysurfer Cronix 10 review by Ted B in 
The Cronix is a Test Tube [;-)] kite from Flysurfer. Let's see how's the baby.

hey guys
here is my official report of my first impression of the new Flysurfer 10m Cronix:

Cronix 10m Tube Kite Test:

Test Conditions: 0 degree Celsius air temp and 4 degree Celsius water temp. Some very small Choppy little waves and Side Off Shore winds very gusty 10-20mph
1st I was so excited to see it as soon as it arrived I opened it up in the Office. My first impression was the kite looked very complicated and had a lot of Bridle lines going on. I noticed the shorter Struts and what seemed to be an adjustable trailing edge, the adjustable bar pressure and Grab handles. The quality really looked great as I carefully inspected her. .
Out of the Bag I layed out the kite and started to pump it up , I was amazed at how fast the kite filled with only leading edge and 3 short struts. On my first inspection I missed that the kite only had 3 struts. I was more looking at the bridle which seems a bit more then most kites, But after a close inspection I realized the bridle is very simple and although looks like more then other kites but is really less then some big name lei’s…Once in the Air the kite flies really nice it seems to have very good power for a 10m and is very Fast across the window turning speed seems very good . The wind was very Flukey and shifting and gusty but this kite was really mega stable for these conditions.. I am one of the only kiters that rides the VB ocean front in these offshore wind conditions…I was Underpowered on the Twin tip but really wanted to ride the New Cronix so I grabbed my surfboard and went for a ride. On the water this kite really flies great and is one of the smoothest inflatable kites I have ever flown actually it flies so similar to a Flysurfer. The kite is very responsive and while surfing waves does everything you want it to… The Bar pressure is perfect for me and I seemed to know where this kite was at all times.. It turns really nice. The Turning radius is just a bit wider then say a “delta Style Kite” But for me I thought the turning speed was just perfect… This kite was just so stable looped very nice with good power coming as the kite looped but not uncontrollable… I thought it had really nice depower but these wind conditions did not allow me to see what the true depower is. On the twin tip I was able to throw some Kite loops and it was fun, unhooked the kite flew very good with very little back stall it would only try to back up when the wind lulled to the 10mph mark. It seemed to have a nice upward lift during jumps and I always knew where the kite was in the air…. I did not try water relaunches and such since the wind was 30-40 degrees off shore and so cold. It really seemed to do everything well. The self launch feature is awesome the Adjustable Bar pressure is another great innovation and last but certainly not least is the adjustable trailing edge which sets the FLYSURFER CHRONIX apart from all other wings…With one knot change the kite can be changed from wave to free ride to extreme freestyle it takes 10 second max to dial in your kite to the perfect conditions…… A true all-rounder for beginners – pro level.. Flysurfer has done it again and while many companies seem to be sitting stale in innovation and have not improved their kites since 2009 only adding gimics etc., Flysurfer steps up and brings a fresh new design with new innovations that sets the new standard of what inflatable kite performance should be.

I will be doing a complete new video review of the 12m Chronix with a true explanation of all the Flysurfer Innovations...
Thanks Guys Ted B

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Speed 4 review by Woodtli 
Triumph bikes had their Speed Fours, but now you can get more thrill for less money with Flysurfer's.
Woodtli, the Swiss Flysurfer man had the ideal wind conditions shortly after receiving his first batch of Speed 4s. This is what he has to say about these babies:

Flysurfer Speed 4 - 8.0 & 10.0 review.
We had the chance to test the Speed 4 8.0 & 10.0 in super strong & gusty winds.
The conditions we normally not really have in Switzerland:
0° Celsius (ok, in winter it's even colder ;))
Snow. Average Wind: 25-33 kts

Really reduce Bridle system. Only A,B & Z - > simplified mixer. Just one pulley left on each side. There are fishing lines at the entry of the canopy (Rigid Foil Technology by GIN) which gives the kite a better profile and more "shape". No more Jet Flaps. The Airouttake is now in the middle. and is in the same color as the color shame of the kite. So even Fipi won't forget to close it ;)
The rest is in the high flysurfer quality as usual. We don't write about the Bar Inf. 2.0 as it is well known already. — at Yvonand Beach!

Flight Feeling
Just one word: Really NICE… ok that where 2 words ;)
Really direct and super smooth. Like a flysurfer. We had a really gusty day but the kite is a real gust eater.
It's the typical FS Feeling in the air. But with lots of more wind. — at Yvonand Beach!

Now we come to the really interesting Point: the Hangtime…
The Speed 3 was already called: the Flying Machine… but the Speed 4 just tops it. Sheet in the Bar… keep it there and up you go… and up, up, up…. and then you just fly….amazing.
Even standart landings without landing loops are super soft. Really nice hangtime. WE LOVE IT — at Yvonand Beach!

Turning Speed:
It turns really fast. We had the feeling that the turning & the speed was faster & higher then the Psycho 4 in the same size. The Landing Loops and Kiteloops just worked really well. I was surprised how well! GOOOOOOD Job there FS :) — at Yvonand Beach!

As mentioned before: Gust eater.
But also when you depower the kite it's still super stable.
We had the chance to test the Speed 4 8.0 & 10.0 in super strong & gusty winds. The conditions we normally not really have in switzerland:
0° Celsius (ok, in winter it's even colder ;))

Average Wind: 25-33 ktsEven at the beach when you land it, we normally have wing tip collapsing wight the Speed3's (cause the wind comes a bit over trees and there are wind rotors). Not with the Speed 4's at all. STABLE!

Now here comes the only concern so far:
The range is HUGE. But the 2/3 of the rope are enough to completly depower the kite. The last 1/3 is just nice to have.
So you have to get use to it, that you generate much more power/depower on shorter travel way of the bar. But ones this is mastered. You will love it. It feels strange for the first 5 minutes.
Then it's mastered and it works really perfect.
We came up with this: for starting and landing we use the full depower rope. As soon as we are on the water, we pull the stopper 1/3 down and have a perfect working system. This will be super for shorter kiters and also for kids and kite girls.

Fipi just dropped it ones. But as soon as he had his head out of the water… the kite was already in the air.

Fipi had to pull the safety as he got his 2 feet into the bar when he crashed really hard after a megaloop. So far so good. Almost no rest pull.

It really was not the day to test the lowed. But we did not reach the high end yet! The fat guy (me - 93 kgs naked) took the 8.0. The skinny Fipi ( 75kgs) took the 10.0. The badest Gust was 45 kts measured. NO PROBLEMO… not even had to pull the adjuster.

All in all:
We really had a lot of concerns about this kite. But after today we love it and won't change it ;)
I normally ride tubes when the wind is over 25kts. For safety reasons and because the tubes are just more rigid and stable in these conditions.
But the Speed 4 has totally showed us today that they work in higher winds. And not only 4 pros. There where some other testers that really liked the kite.

All in all: Flysurfer… well done!

You have made a goooooood successor to the psycho 4's. Now please keep up the fantastic work and bring us the Speed 4 in bigger sizes :)

— with Limacher André, Lennart van Schuilenburg, Philippe Woodo Woodtli, Ramon Schoenmaker, Michael Kaspar, Ernst Novak, Dylan van der Meij, Gunnar Biniasch, Armin Harich and Yusca Balogh.

Were they all there really?

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