Madagascar Kitesurf Trip. A fabulous Xmas present. 
Quote of the day (from the movie "Madagascar"):
"And your black and white stripes [to Marty the Zebra]? They cancel each other out! You're nothing!"
Alex the Lion

The Madagascar gallery deserves some commenting.
The story behind the pictures will be posted here within a week.

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Flysurfer Speed 3 Deluxe 21 review. Part 3. 
Quote of the day:
"Minds are like parachutes. They only function when they are open."
James Dewar

Here is the promised part 3 of the Apostate's review, which should now be titled: "A foil reviewed by an ex-LEI rider: more unexpected benefits".

A foil reviewed by an (ex-)LEI rider.

Well, I'm writing this to clear some things up. Firstly, some foils, or in particular the Flysurfer Speed3 21m DELUXE is (or are) GREAT for wake style! I mean think about it. A super solid, stable, forgiving powerhouse that can rip you off the water comfortably in anywhere from 7-16 knots! I weigh about 77 kg and I ride a 134 Nobile NHP, which has loads of rocker and is NOT a light wind board. The 21m soaks up the gusts better than any LEI kite I've ever ridden and I've ridden quite a few.

After kiting for over 9 years and managing one of the biggest schools in Australia. I got to demo ALL the gear, but never a Flysurfer. I was a Naish Australia Promotional rider and was happy on my Torches. After leaving Melbourne for Phuket, Thailand and getting so frustrated with those perfect 10 knot days that are useless on a LEI. I tried one. I'm telling you now, they will get you more time on the water than you thought possible. If you are open minded and ride it for long enough to give it a fair go, you will like it. There is nothing else out there that can compare in that wind range.

It's not just that, they are really FUN! Think about it, That's what most kiters dream of, there perfect day, a day where you're always powered up, able to control your board speed just by edging and always having enough power to really throw down, hooked-in or un-hooked. But you still have loads of de-power and are always comfortable. It just makes the wind seem smoother! I challenge any one to take one out for an hour and not come back with a big smile on your face.

Some people could argue that there is too much bar pressure when your un-hooked, not in my opinion. Maybe a little more than my 14m Torch but very relative to its bigger size. But wake style or most "new school" kiting styles are inspired by Wake Boarding and Cable Park riding anyways. And if anybody has been Wake Boarding or been to the Cable Park they would know that there is more bar pressure than most kiters can handle. Example: if you can do a back roll on a kite, doing one behind a boat is at least 3 times as hard and painful if not landed.

Not just that but take out a skim board and you'll have hours of fun! You can un-hook it and just keep doing flat 3's. The kite just keeps floating with you. Or super easy to practice your old school board offs.

Basically I think the only reason people would NOT like a kite that's loads of fun, even in under 10 knots, re-launches easily, is an up wind machine, has great boost and is great for wake style/new school is that they have not tried one. I love kiting; I mean I really love it. And I love sharing it with people. If I can be out on the water having a blast almost everyday, then I want people to know about this.

Get ready for the revolution!

A LEI Apostate

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Don't Panic 
Quote of the day:
"If you're going to panic, panic constructively"

One of the best post ever on kiteforum.

Don't Panic, by Chillbay.
Posted: Tue Sep 27, 2011 4:42 pm

As an enthusiastic kiter I thought I'd share an experience I had about 25 years ago whilst windsurfing. So a little off topic (windsurfing) but it has relevance even in Kiteboarding. This was before safety releases, harness knives back in the day.

Once upon a time: I was riding a short board, ill-fitting foot straps, hooked in and I was flying. I was following this boat and thought I'd use the wake to help me launch. I thought I was competent, I could jump, carve gybe, duck gybe and so on. So I thought I was in a safe place.

I always respected the ocean, nearly drowned when I was 12 and it's never left me.

Back to the story, I was following the boat and launched off the wake, as I left the water I was hit by a very strong gust, still hooked in the gust ripped the sail out of my hands and I along with board and sail spun in the air. I landed in the water face down with the sail laying on top of me, it all happened so quick I had little time to take a breath.

I remember it now, I'm under the water, looking up at the sun through the window in my sail but below the water, I tried to claw my way to the side of the sail so I could get my head out of the water but couldn't because I was still hooked in, I couldn't unhook because somehow my harness line was twisted round the hook and it was under strain.

My feet had gone through the straps and the board floating upside down and I couldn't get my feet out because every time I tried the board would just move towards me. At this point my body was twisted as you can see, I thought I was going to die right there.

I don't know why but everything just stopped, for some reason, I stopped panicking, only then I started to think straight. Instead of struggling I just stopped, I guess I didn't have long left, perhaps it's some form of realisation I don't know. But only then was I able to think clear.

I relaxed, put my hands on my harness hook and worked out what was what, I got clear of that, once I was unhooked I could get my hands to the board and push the board off my legs, I twisted and got to the side of the sail and my head came out of the water, for the first time in what felt like an eternity I took the biggest breath I had ever taken. I still remember to this day looking through the window of my sail seeing the blue sky and thinking it was going to be the last thing I'd ever see.

So really this taught me a hard lesson, no matter how good you think you are, you can still die. It never kept me off the water though, I enjoy windsurfing, Kiteboarding, can't get enough of it. So you want as many safety devices as you can get, sometimes it just comes down to you, you still have to operate them. When you think you are in big trouble you are going to panic, so go through it in you mind, if this happens if that happens, chances are it will if your doing it long enough.

Safe winds.

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A LEI rider reviewing foils. Part 2 "The Speed 3 21m Deluxe" 
Lance got his hands on a Speed3 Deluxe 21, and here is what he had to say about the beast:

The 21m Deluxe.

Now I had high expectation for this kite and I have to say it definitely delivered. Setting up on about a 4-6 knot day I was excited to try the low end of the kite. 5-6 knots is definitely enough to ride, else I'd be having a great time on my skim board. As the manager of a large kite school I am always looking for new ways to get out there in low winds. But i find the FS in a league of its own.
I was soooo happy to find out that the 21m is GREAT for un-hooking. great steady pull, easy relaunch and really smooth almost C kite feel. As well as boosting and cruising in light winds like no other. It felt very nice and not as slow as I thought. It's just unaffected by gusts and lulls!
2 days later and the wind is a steady 15-20 knots and the 21 m was the only kite I had. Would have been better on a small kite but definitely found that I could comfortably ride in that wind range. Even my 55Kg girlfriend had no problem holding down the 21m in that wind!
The only other rider out there was on a hybrid RRD 12m, going from under to overpowered the whole time. While both of us had a great ride on the giant 21m!
I would just like to say I used to ride LEI kites for years and had no reason to change other than I wanted to get more time on the water. I also thought they where a bit 'kooky' or 'goofy' but after trying the new FS I was impressed by their performance. I'm not going to ride an inferior kite just because it looks 'Cool'!
Since trying them, going back to a LEI would be hard. The ability to soak up gusts, stability and up wind power is hard to beat, not to mention no pump and quick set up/pack down.
The only experience I had had before this with foils was a few years ago and not a good one. But i think that you can not really comment unless you go try a new FS.

P.s. I can also post lots of links to videos showing difficult relaunch and bridle problems with LEI kites. Don't be a hater; here is one thought!

The Serial Apostate

The Apostate's review is quite in agreement with this one:

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Flysurfer kites reviewed by a seasoned tube rider. 
Quote of the day:
"Prejudice, not being founded on reason, cannot be removed by argument"
Samuel Johnson

As far as foil kites are concerned, prejudice can be removed by field experience of open minded riders, as the following review of various sized Flysurfer kites demonstrates. Lance of Kite Republic recently moved to Thailand known for light winds prevalence, compared to his native Australia. Since he didn't want the wind conditions cut his number of days on the water, and having heard of the reputation Flysurfer kites as the dominators of light winds, he naturally wanted to check for himself if their fame was deserved. Two or three days of tests in conditions varying from 5 to 30 knots convinced him not only they were unquestionably the best low wind kites on the planet, but to his utter surprise also fantastic and safe kites in nuking conditions. Many urban legends about ram air were busted in the process.

PS: in the meanwhile Lance has "flown" the Speed3 Deluxe 21; there will soon be an addition to this review.

Having been kiting for about 9 years now and working in the industry for about 7, I thought I had flown all there was to fly. After trying everything out there, I was happily riding Torch�s 7,10 & 14 meters. I had flown a different brand of �foils� several years earlier and didn't think I was missing anything.

Upon moving to Thailand from Melbourne, I was getting frustrated with all the perfect days where I could "almost" kite. Or stay up wind but that was it. My local spot doubles as a paragliding spot and I'd watch them enviously in sub-10knot conditions, generating tons of safe and steady lift/power. Even in gusts and lulls.

I had the opportunity recently to try a few different Flysurfer kites and I was surprised. Apart from the logical conclusion that they are in a league of their own in sub-10 knot conditions. I was surprised at how sophisticated they where. For example, I thought that my Torch could �soak-up� gust�s with its 5th line far better than any 4-line kite, tube or foil. Wrong. I'm not exactly sure how, but it just works. Better than any kite I can remember flying, even "easy" kites made by major brands. I was also surprised when I started flying up wind, getting speed, power and able to generate lots of lift.

But for me the moment of truth was when I started to un-hook on the 15m Speed3 and again I was surprised. With just a little bit of de-powering I was happily un-hooking. It took a little getting used to, but in not long I was the only one riding(except for a dude on a race board) and was having a blast. Even as the wind briefly picked up to15-20knots I de-powered a little more and kept going for KGBs and other passes till dark. Every time I crashed it and there where quite a few, I had it out of the water faster than my Torch.

The next day I got to take out the 10m Speed2 in some 15 to gusting over 25knots (briefly over 30K) stormy, choppy/wavy shifty conditions, straight after riding my 10m Torch and the best words to describe it are probably stable, powerful, easy and really forgiving in the gust�s. Again it took a few moments to get used to the differences. But once you do, it will make your inflatable seem more like a toy than a sophisticated flying �wing�. Again crashing, re launching, crashing, re launching, crashing with no problems. Even when I dumped it right in the face of a respectable sized wave, it would have re-launched if it hadn't taken me ages to get to the bar in the waves and got some lines tangled around the bar(a problem with any kite while un-hooked not riding suicide in waves). Even so it washed ashore, I emptied the water out and had it back in the air in 10 minutes and dry in another 5.

The following day we got the really stormy conditions, gusting to over 30 knots and big messy waves. First my 7m Torch then time for the 6m and 8m Phycho4�s. Wow, de-power, big boosting, fast, safe and easy . It wasn't the day for unhooking but it just made it a fun day. I put it down a few times when fronts would come through and it would get wet and windy. But after every front I launched myself, easily.

On both the Speed3�s and the Phycho4�s I was really impressed how the kites would never collapse or do anything funny whatsoever, even when they are looped. I mean paragliders do loops on their foils and trust their lives to it. You also so don't need to work the kite as much once you get going.

Nothing is perfect and I was intimidated when I saw the pulley system, but I haven't had any issues. It just seams to stay out of the way. It could be said the chicken loop could be a bit bigger for un-hooking, but this is not really a problem. There's also the fact that they are a bit slower than some inflatable kites. But again I have had no problem wave riding, looping or boosting bigger than usual and with much more stability when you give the kites the proper input.

You combine all of this with things like a much smaller pack size, faster set up, no pump, no leaking valves, no soft bladders in cold water, a longer life, great performance and things start to look really good. You can even unpack and launch one from the water, how cool is that?

As soon as you mention that you might want to try one, your friends might look at you a bit strange and tell you it will sink and all sorts of things, but none have flown one. I can almost promise you that riding Flysurfers, could almost double your days on the water and if you try one, you will like it. I did.

The Serial Apostate

Nai Yang

Nai Yang

Nai Yang

Nai Yang

Nai Yang

Nai Harn

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Flysurfer Unity review. 
Quote of the day:
"Unity can only be manifested by the Binary. Unity itself and the idea of Unity are already two."

Unity 10 Deluxe. Review posted in

After DHL delivered the kite, i finally had 2 good days on the kite and had the opportunity to give the kite out to some other kiters to test it.
First some feedbacks from the testers:

Silu (Tubekiter):
Wow!!! What a depower!
Unbelievable... i would never have thought that...really cool kite!!!
How much is it? Flysurfers are really expensive aren't they? What? Cheaper then tubes compared in the same size...! When will it hit the market?

Pascal (Speed3 Pilot):
The Bomp! Really easy and nice doing loops, which catch you before landing. Easier then with the Psycho 4. I like it a lot.

André (FS Pilot):
Excellent kite!!! Like it a lot!!!

Chrigu (FS & Tube Pilot):
Really nice kite..!! When the conditions are shitty and the gusts are coming in, you are still able to ride easy and normally with it.

Some infos about me:
Size: 190cm
Weight: 93 Kg
I kite since 2006, flew and test everything that crosses my hands. Always try to give an honest impression/opinion. Even is some people don't like it.
90% strapless rider.
Wind around 20 kts.

Bar & Chickenloop:
The Bar itself was the Inf.1.0. The Chicken Loop and the depower System & Stopperball where from the 2.0. I rode the 2.0 several times yet. The length of the depower is increased. In my opinion the trimmer is to far away for the smaller people. But you can change that in 5 minutes to your own preference. The Chickenloop is of the hook! Unspins after several rotations with ease! No Pressure to unspin� just pull the bar. There you go. Release the Chicken Loop.. Really easy. Good job there Flysurfer.

Armin Harich on the Depower length (Flysufer developer):
The length of the depower is that the autorelaunch (at the edge of the wind-window) works as perfect as it does. If you shorten it, the autorelaunch won't work as prober as it should.

Extreme is the right word. I ride 90% a wave board and ride a lot downwind towards the kite. It just stays in the sky. No collapsing or drifting away. It stays where it belongs. I can concentrate on the water instead of the kite.

Turning speed
The Unity flies a smaller radius then the Psycho 4. But the Psycho 4 turns faster then the Unity. Compared to the Pulse 2, the turning speed has increased a lot. But I really appreciated the turning of the Unity. I landed straight away my strapless airs. The Kite turns around a point just close outside of the tip.

Low end:
I could not really test the lowend in these days. Shure the lowend is not like with the Speed3 (normal as this is not a Speed3). I could ride without having troubles in the wind drops.

Like on the Speed3's. Massive depower! That was one of the major remarks from the testers: "WOW massive depower! I like!".
I'd say that the Unity is a real gust eater. I guess this will be the perfect kite for my wife, as she is really light and needs massive depower to handle the gusts. The depower is linear. So you will be able to fly the kite in really high winds.

High end:
Did not reach the Highend yet.

As usual with Flysurfer Kites, they cover a bigger windrange as a comparable tube.

Steer back, pull in the bar and up it goes. The Hangtime is good. But not as good as the Speed3 (logic). It is less explosive than the

I'm not the megalooper. One of the testers said that it's easier to get caught after a loop then with the Psycho 4. Fipi said that this is not the Megaloop Kite. And he is right. As the kite was not designed that for. I can only say that the Loops for landing are really easy and it is much easier to time the loops then with the Spedd3 12. I know that this is not the best kite to compare to. But it's the kite I have the most experience with.

It is a little bit higher then with the other FS Kites. But way less then with tubes.
I always knew where the kite was. Even when i had an impact and was under water. No Tennis arms there. And the Kite is really direct! The most direct Kite, that Flysurfer has build so far.

Upwind Performance:
No Problem at all. I guess that the Unity goes a bit less upwind then the Speed3. But i assume that this also has a lot to do with the skills of the rider and the board.

In the middle as usual the normal Backlines launch. At the edge of the Wind Window a perfect Autorelaunch. Pull in one line and up it goes ;)

A perfect successor for the Pulse 2. I would recommend this kite for Freeride, Wave or also Freestyle. Who is looking for a more aggressive & explosive kite should choose the Psycho 4. Who is looking for Lowend and Hangtime should go for the Speed 3. If you want to have a stable and forgiving kite, which you dare try some new tricks (hooked or unhooked, wave or ...) will be really happy with the Unity.
When the wind is blowing and all the other kiters are complaining about the wind gusts I will go for the Unity and have fun out there.
Thanks a lot Flysurfer, you have done it again. In my opinion you are on the right way and this kite will satisfy a lot of kiters.
Now i just have to wait until DHL will deliver my new quiver

Some People will say: this is not a Speed or a Psycho. And they are right. They both have their core performance and the Unity will fit right in the middle. If you look at the marketing today, a kite is always able to do everything. In my opinion this is aerodynamically not possible. Thats why Flysurfer has their 3 different kites.
So its up to you: Choose your weapon ;)

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