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13m sonic 2 review
Post by fogmeister on 08 Oct 2016

Just Received my 13m sonic 2........I ride sonic1 18 15 11 and speed5 9 and 11

wind speed 8-12 kts then 10-14 kts (6 hours riding)

This is not the same kite as sonic1, it is a total remake!!

this kite launches very easy without any dramatic downwind pull like that of sonic 1

the power control is more intuitive and like most kites , sheet in for power and sheet out for no power. In sonic 1 there was always power and you could only reduce it by choking kite, if you sheeted out, power would build. The old sonic had to breath more, The sonic2 is more sheet and go

this kite cannot be choked off like the previous version, i was only able to feel slight hints of that behaviour with extreme upwind angles with kite at edge.

the power spike by sineing the kite was very noteworthy, its huge compared to before and the apparent wind kicks in quickly. I was on the water at the same time as an 18m speed 5 in 8-12 kts and easily ran circles around the other rider (both of us on flyrace), sine the kite once, twice with tremendous power development and off i was while the 18m was still turning (so it seemed)

the sonic 2 is infinitely more stable......again infinitely more stable!! the shape of the kite just remains, even with loose steering lines. The sonic 2 just floats along amazingly!

in the air the sonic2 feels much lighter, actually like a lotus, its amazing how just a little bit of that material changes the feel and float of the kite. the kite in general feels lighter than the weights listed, the feel reminds me of the other high end race kites. I believe the 3 centre intakes also aid in this new lightness and stability.

In the air the 13m sonic 2 turns fast and smooth and reminds me of the 11m sonic 1, one needs to be carefull when redirecting the kite after a jump, as when one finally turns it up again and you let it breath too much it wont turn, you need a little tension in the lines and then no problem. the old sonic turned with loose steering lines the new one doesnt. (and i mean only when absolutely sheeted out on an upturn from water)

I put the sonic into the water to see relaunch, and when the kite got directly downwind of me the wind opened the kite and it automatically hot launched off the water without input. Luckily when sheeted out there is no power and i was not ripped 10 feet out of the water like would happen with sonic 1 if you didnt choke it. Previously i had only seen the lotus hotlaunch itself without input. In high winds this can be expected but today was pretty light.

on another water launch i dropped it in a wind shadow, it took me a while to get it up while standing, but impossible with the previous sonic, but sonic 2 eventually came up even with water in it. My friend who came over to help me dropped his new 13m R1v2 into the water and had to relaunch at shore, i am not saying one is better than the other ,but it sure was nice to see the sonic 2 come up in this situation.

this kite jumps different than all other flysurfer models, sofar i have found it best like a tube kite, just sheet in as much as you can handle speed and tension wise, then turn kite with tight steering lines, a brief sheet out before final sheet in and your up up and away. If anyone has figured another technique it would be nice to hear.

in the air you can really hear the kite rushing along, a cool sound and feeling

in the air you know exactly where the kite is and what it is doing, the hangtime is noticably higher

the steering is very direct but not as direct as before, it feels closer to speed 5 directness

in the end the sonic is a turbo charged speed 5 , easy to handle and forgiving with very good stability

bravo flysurfer......everything good about the sonic was kept and improved, while all of the short comings were fixed!!!!

I can highly recommend the sonic2 over the sonic1 as now the sonic2 is in line with other high end race kites, and in my mind as easy to use as a speed 5, however with tremedous speed and power on tap! There will still be some differences in stability but they are getting awfully close. Also this is a race kite and the speed 5 will have better durability.


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