Review of the Speed 4 Lotus 21 by Lmrutledge in kiteforum. 
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Review of the Speed 4 Lotus 21 by Lmrutledge in kiteforum.

New Material: 10 +

Weight: Lighter than my Speed 3 21: Did not weigh. Def Lighter

New Lines and Bridle: 10: Faster Launch

Tip Tuck: Tried and could NOT make it even look like a Tip Tuck

Launch: Fills 10 Times faster than the Speed 3 21

Back Stall: No WAY...

Power During Turn: Has more Power/Controllable in Ultra Light Wind than the Speed 3

Rigidity: The Kite looks like its made of Fiberglass: Meaning, it has no Flex, Tip Tuck or any Flutter in the Leading edge.

Crazy Stable: Over head with hands OFF the bar it just Sits and waits for the Next Command

Upwind: Most Def. Has More Static Pull in Ultra Light wind than the Speed 3. Pulls Harder UPWIND in Super light wind by Itself.

Landing: Flew to edge of Window until Tip touched, then back stalled and the Kite behaved Way better than the Speed 3 21. Just sat there until I walked up the lines. The wind could have been lighter but I felt it was more controllable.

DISCLAIMER: I paid for the Speed 4 21. I flew the Kite for 1 hour and a half. You could say that School is still out or the F.L. has not Sung yet.

However: I can tell you without a Doubt that I could not have had the Upwind pull or as much effortless fun on my Edge 19.

When I came in, the Wind was on the Ground approx. 6 MPH. I don't know what it was at the Kite level. However, it had more Stability and did not loose its shape compared to the Speed 3 21 in the Super Light wind.

PACKING UP: Flysurfer has done something different internally with the Speed 4. As I said the Inflate was WAY faster and the DEFLATE was much faster and easier than the Speed 3 21. I might be Imaging things BUT I don think so.

The 21 turned like I would Imagine a Speed 16M would turn. I know they don't make a 16 meter. Im not sure it turns like a 15m Speed is the reason I mentioned it.

All in ALL it was the Easiest Sesh I have ever had on a Speed 21 as far as Prep, launch, kiting and Landing.


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