Flysurfer Cronix 10 review by Ted B in 
The Cronix is a Test Tube [;-)] kite from Flysurfer. Let's see how's the baby.

hey guys
here is my official report of my first impression of the new Flysurfer 10m Cronix:

Cronix 10m Tube Kite Test:

Test Conditions: 0 degree Celsius air temp and 4 degree Celsius water temp. Some very small Choppy little waves and Side Off Shore winds very gusty 10-20mph
1st I was so excited to see it as soon as it arrived I opened it up in the Office. My first impression was the kite looked very complicated and had a lot of Bridle lines going on. I noticed the shorter Struts and what seemed to be an adjustable trailing edge, the adjustable bar pressure and Grab handles. The quality really looked great as I carefully inspected her. .
Out of the Bag I layed out the kite and started to pump it up , I was amazed at how fast the kite filled with only leading edge and 3 short struts. On my first inspection I missed that the kite only had 3 struts. I was more looking at the bridle which seems a bit more then most kites, But after a close inspection I realized the bridle is very simple and although looks like more then other kites but is really less then some big name lei’s…Once in the Air the kite flies really nice it seems to have very good power for a 10m and is very Fast across the window turning speed seems very good . The wind was very Flukey and shifting and gusty but this kite was really mega stable for these conditions.. I am one of the only kiters that rides the VB ocean front in these offshore wind conditions…I was Underpowered on the Twin tip but really wanted to ride the New Cronix so I grabbed my surfboard and went for a ride. On the water this kite really flies great and is one of the smoothest inflatable kites I have ever flown actually it flies so similar to a Flysurfer. The kite is very responsive and while surfing waves does everything you want it to… The Bar pressure is perfect for me and I seemed to know where this kite was at all times.. It turns really nice. The Turning radius is just a bit wider then say a “delta Style Kite” But for me I thought the turning speed was just perfect… This kite was just so stable looped very nice with good power coming as the kite looped but not uncontrollable… I thought it had really nice depower but these wind conditions did not allow me to see what the true depower is. On the twin tip I was able to throw some Kite loops and it was fun, unhooked the kite flew very good with very little back stall it would only try to back up when the wind lulled to the 10mph mark. It seemed to have a nice upward lift during jumps and I always knew where the kite was in the air…. I did not try water relaunches and such since the wind was 30-40 degrees off shore and so cold. It really seemed to do everything well. The self launch feature is awesome the Adjustable Bar pressure is another great innovation and last but certainly not least is the adjustable trailing edge which sets the FLYSURFER CHRONIX apart from all other wings…With one knot change the kite can be changed from wave to free ride to extreme freestyle it takes 10 second max to dial in your kite to the perfect conditions…… A true all-rounder for beginners – pro level.. Flysurfer has done it again and while many companies seem to be sitting stale in innovation and have not improved their kites since 2009 only adding gimics etc., Flysurfer steps up and brings a fresh new design with new innovations that sets the new standard of what inflatable kite performance should be.

I will be doing a complete new video review of the 12m Chronix with a true explanation of all the Flysurfer Innovations...
Thanks Guys Ted B

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