Speed 4 review by Woodtli 
Triumph bikes had their Speed Fours, but now you can get more thrill for less money with Flysurfer's.
Woodtli, the Swiss Flysurfer man had the ideal wind conditions shortly after receiving his first batch of Speed 4s. This is what he has to say about these babies:

Flysurfer Speed 4 - 8.0 & 10.0 review.
We had the chance to test the Speed 4 8.0 & 10.0 in super strong & gusty winds.
The conditions we normally not really have in Switzerland:
0° Celsius (ok, in winter it's even colder ;))
Snow. Average Wind: 25-33 kts

Really reduce Bridle system. Only A,B & Z - > simplified mixer. Just one pulley left on each side. There are fishing lines at the entry of the canopy (Rigid Foil Technology by GIN) which gives the kite a better profile and more "shape". No more Jet Flaps. The Airouttake is now in the middle. and is in the same color as the color shame of the kite. So even Fipi won't forget to close it ;)
The rest is in the high flysurfer quality as usual. We don't write about the Bar Inf. 2.0 as it is well known already. — at Yvonand Beach!

Flight Feeling
Just one word: Really NICE… ok that where 2 words ;)
Really direct and super smooth. Like a flysurfer. We had a really gusty day but the kite is a real gust eater.
It's the typical FS Feeling in the air. But with lots of more wind. — at Yvonand Beach!

Now we come to the really interesting Point: the Hangtime…
The Speed 3 was already called: the Flying Machine… but the Speed 4 just tops it. Sheet in the Bar… keep it there and up you go… and up, up, up…. and then you just fly….amazing.
Even standart landings without landing loops are super soft. Really nice hangtime. WE LOVE IT — at Yvonand Beach!

Turning Speed:
It turns really fast. We had the feeling that the turning & the speed was faster & higher then the Psycho 4 in the same size. The Landing Loops and Kiteloops just worked really well. I was surprised how well! GOOOOOOD Job there FS :) — at Yvonand Beach!

As mentioned before: Gust eater.
But also when you depower the kite it's still super stable.
We had the chance to test the Speed 4 8.0 & 10.0 in super strong & gusty winds. The conditions we normally not really have in switzerland:
0° Celsius (ok, in winter it's even colder ;))

Average Wind: 25-33 ktsEven at the beach when you land it, we normally have wing tip collapsing wight the Speed3's (cause the wind comes a bit over trees and there are wind rotors). Not with the Speed 4's at all. STABLE!

Now here comes the only concern so far:
The range is HUGE. But the 2/3 of the rope are enough to completly depower the kite. The last 1/3 is just nice to have.
So you have to get use to it, that you generate much more power/depower on shorter travel way of the bar. But ones this is mastered. You will love it. It feels strange for the first 5 minutes.
Then it's mastered and it works really perfect.
We came up with this: for starting and landing we use the full depower rope. As soon as we are on the water, we pull the stopper 1/3 down and have a perfect working system. This will be super for shorter kiters and also for kids and kite girls.

Fipi just dropped it ones. But as soon as he had his head out of the water… the kite was already in the air.

Fipi had to pull the safety as he got his 2 feet into the bar when he crashed really hard after a megaloop. So far so good. Almost no rest pull.

It really was not the day to test the lowed. But we did not reach the high end yet! The fat guy (me - 93 kgs naked) took the 8.0. The skinny Fipi ( 75kgs) took the 10.0. The badest Gust was 45 kts measured. NO PROBLEMO… not even had to pull the adjuster.

All in all:
We really had a lot of concerns about this kite. But after today we love it and won't change it ;)
I normally ride tubes when the wind is over 25kts. For safety reasons and because the tubes are just more rigid and stable in these conditions.
But the Speed 4 has totally showed us today that they work in higher winds. And not only 4 pros. There where some other testers that really liked the kite.

All in all: Flysurfer… well done!

You have made a goooooood successor to the psycho 4's. Now please keep up the fantastic work and bring us the Speed 4 in bigger sizes :)

— with Limacher André, Lennart van Schuilenburg, Philippe Woodo Woodtli, Ramon Schoenmaker, Michael Kaspar, Ernst Novak, Dylan van der Meij, Gunnar Biniasch, Armin Harich and Yusca Balogh.

Were they all there really?

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