Flysurfer Speed 3 Deluxe 21 review. Part 3. 
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Here is the promised part 3 of the Apostate's review, which should now be titled: "A foil reviewed by an ex-LEI rider: more unexpected benefits".

A foil reviewed by an (ex-)LEI rider.

Well, I'm writing this to clear some things up. Firstly, some foils, or in particular the Flysurfer Speed3 21m DELUXE is (or are) GREAT for wake style! I mean think about it. A super solid, stable, forgiving powerhouse that can rip you off the water comfortably in anywhere from 7-16 knots! I weigh about 77 kg and I ride a 134 Nobile NHP, which has loads of rocker and is NOT a light wind board. The 21m soaks up the gusts better than any LEI kite I've ever ridden and I've ridden quite a few.

After kiting for over 9 years and managing one of the biggest schools in Australia. I got to demo ALL the gear, but never a Flysurfer. I was a Naish Australia Promotional rider and was happy on my Torches. After leaving Melbourne for Phuket, Thailand and getting so frustrated with those perfect 10 knot days that are useless on a LEI. I tried one. I'm telling you now, they will get you more time on the water than you thought possible. If you are open minded and ride it for long enough to give it a fair go, you will like it. There is nothing else out there that can compare in that wind range.

It's not just that, they are really FUN! Think about it, That's what most kiters dream of, there perfect day, a day where you're always powered up, able to control your board speed just by edging and always having enough power to really throw down, hooked-in or un-hooked. But you still have loads of de-power and are always comfortable. It just makes the wind seem smoother! I challenge any one to take one out for an hour and not come back with a big smile on your face.

Some people could argue that there is too much bar pressure when your un-hooked, not in my opinion. Maybe a little more than my 14m Torch but very relative to its bigger size. But wake style or most "new school" kiting styles are inspired by Wake Boarding and Cable Park riding anyways. And if anybody has been Wake Boarding or been to the Cable Park they would know that there is more bar pressure than most kiters can handle. Example: if you can do a back roll on a kite, doing one behind a boat is at least 3 times as hard and painful if not landed.

Not just that but take out a skim board and you'll have hours of fun! You can un-hook it and just keep doing flat 3's. The kite just keeps floating with you. Or super easy to practice your old school board offs.

Basically I think the only reason people would NOT like a kite that's loads of fun, even in under 10 knots, re-launches easily, is an up wind machine, has great boost and is great for wake style/new school is that they have not tried one. I love kiting; I mean I really love it. And I love sharing it with people. If I can be out on the water having a blast almost everyday, then I want people to know about this.

Get ready for the revolution!

A LEI Apostate

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