A LEI rider reviewing foils. Part 2 "The Speed 3 21m Deluxe" 
Lance got his hands on a Speed3 Deluxe 21, and here is what he had to say about the beast:

The 21m Deluxe.

Now I had high expectation for this kite and I have to say it definitely delivered. Setting up on about a 4-6 knot day I was excited to try the low end of the kite. 5-6 knots is definitely enough to ride, else I'd be having a great time on my skim board. As the manager of a large kite school I am always looking for new ways to get out there in low winds. But i find the FS in a league of its own.
I was soooo happy to find out that the 21m is GREAT for un-hooking. great steady pull, easy relaunch and really smooth almost C kite feel. As well as boosting and cruising in light winds like no other. It felt very nice and not as slow as I thought. It's just unaffected by gusts and lulls!
2 days later and the wind is a steady 15-20 knots and the 21 m was the only kite I had. Would have been better on a small kite but definitely found that I could comfortably ride in that wind range. Even my 55Kg girlfriend had no problem holding down the 21m in that wind!
The only other rider out there was on a hybrid RRD 12m, going from under to overpowered the whole time. While both of us had a great ride on the giant 21m!
I would just like to say I used to ride LEI kites for years and had no reason to change other than I wanted to get more time on the water. I also thought they where a bit 'kooky' or 'goofy' but after trying the new FS I was impressed by their performance. I'm not going to ride an inferior kite just because it looks 'Cool'!
Since trying them, going back to a LEI would be hard. The ability to soak up gusts, stability and up wind power is hard to beat, not to mention no pump and quick set up/pack down.
The only experience I had had before this with foils was a few years ago and not a good one. But i think that you can not really comment unless you go try a new FS.

P.s. I can also post lots of links to videos showing difficult relaunch and bridle problems with LEI kites. Don't be a hater; here is one thought!


The Serial Apostate

The Apostate's review is quite in agreement with this one:

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