Flysurfer Pulse 2 8m Review 
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"I like people who have a pulse and aren't afraid to show it."
Stephan Jenkins

This isn't properly a blog, but an introduction for the upcoming offer for demo Pulse2s. Will be up soon on Homepage.

An optimised and thinner profile combine with a perfectly balanced distribution of power throughout the canopy and a completely new level of performance has been achieved. These improvements give the Pulse 2 superb depower, combined with extremely good light wind characteristics while remaining unmatched in handling response. Optimised outline means that the relaunch has become even more simple; with the kite leading edge down, simply pull on a leader line. The increased canopy stability decreases the risk of a front stall and the outline has given even more direct feedback on the bar. Turning speed has also been substantially increased, without annoying back stall. A big plus for wave riding and performing radical manoeuvres. The hard/soft steering allows riders to continuously adjust the bar feeling and pressure to their individual desire. The entire canopy has been stiffened, therefore making overflying and blowouts almost impossible. Thanks to the elastic cell connections, in normal wind conditions for each kite, the Pulse2 is virtually indestructible. Flysurfer also offer a six month free repair promise on top of that, so confident are they.

OLI: I thought for a closed cell foil kite it was pretty quick to set-up, not like others I've ridden where you have to stand there for ages and it has to be inflated fully before launching. You could self launch it quite happily. It's quite soft to fly and it steered well. It was more like a bow than a C kite as it didn't really drive through the turns, but it was easy to position and move about. I thought it had good depower for a foil kite and would be a good single kite for all sports. I managed to get a good boost up on a jump even in the lighter winds. Normally with foils because of the limited depower they can quickly feel too much, but I never had that with the Flysurfer in the gusts.
WILL: You were staying upwind really well on it; it was only an eight and we were on tens and elevens.
OLI: Yeah I was surprised too, that's great low end power.
WILL: The bar is well constructed, tidy and the depower works really well. I just wasn't sure about the big plastic balls...
OLI: The bridle looked different to others I've seen lately with the brakes all coming down at one point together at the back. I think the safety on the foil is very good; it pulls on the front lines and locks, not like a lot of the bow kites where it over sheets using the front line. You're not going to end up with the bridle wrapping around the tips or anything like that. Not really sure how you'd get on re-launching a kite like that in waves though. I think any foil will suffer in those conditions.
OLI: It's not completely closed cell, it has those stiffeners in the some of the holes. Overall I think it's good for kitesurfing, good for snowkiting and landboarding and you could easily go out on your own with this. I found it turned smoothly and produced gradual power. Open cell kites are easier to use as they inflate a lot easier, and it was definitely fun to be kitesurfing on a foil. It's a jack of all trades. A good all-round kite

The Pulse had a nice soft flying feeling and accomplished everything well, without necessarily standing out in any one area. If you are an all-round kiter and you're willing to try a foil then this kite would be great for you, and if you kite on all terrains, then it really would be an excellent option.

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