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"A ship in harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for." William Shedd

Monday 12th April.
This was supposed to be a kite cruise. And a sailing cruise. The fact is, due to lack of wind, our twin Yanmars are doing the job to tug us along at 7 knots heading for Koh Lipe, which is another 40 nautical miles away. We spend the night on a mooring in Koh Rok Noy. Max is in the cockpit reading and sweet Ina is sitting on the roof reading as well. The light wind is from behind (I should say "astern" if I were pompous), which makes our apparent wind virtually nil and the heat is thus inescapable. Within an hours we should be out of sight of any land, but GPS is making it just too easy nowadays to find our way. In a way, I am missing the days of astronomical navigation, which made us navigators appear like sorcerers or soothsayer, predicting with reasonable accuracy the time and day we would be hitting land again, with the help of our book of magic, the almananc of heavenly bodies, and the cabalistic intruments called the sextant and the marine chronometer.
We were supposed to be 5 on board, but Sebastian and Nick decided to leave us in Koh Phi-Phi Le (Koh Pharya Nak on our marine chart) of "the Beach" fame, in order to return to Hua Hin in hope of better winds. They are on a mission to make a movie about kiting in Thailand, and this prospect was getting thin in this area with such little winds forecasted. They might find wind, but they might well miss the magic.
We are looking forward for Koh Lipe. We are first of all anticipating some wind in the channel between Koh Adang and Koh Lipe to deploy finally our restless kites and get some filming of our own done. And a Thai dinner in a beach restaurant is not out of question either; nor the Sang Som Coke that goes without saying as the sun sets. We won't miss Songran on Thai soil, and are curious to see how it is celebrated in such a remote place.
Koh Phi-Phi Le and Koh Ha Yai were offered us an amazing spectacle of colours and beauty both in and out the emerald waters. Just wait for our gallery to be updated to get the picture.
This was not only supposed to be a kite cruise, but it was supposed to be a delivery cruise to Pranburi. But TTT was not quite ready for that, due to the nasty motorcycle accident Larry, our skipper and engineer in chief suffered whilst we were still in Hua Hin. So we are renaming this trip a "Round Andaman Sea Cruise", hoping the re-christening will be heard by the wind gods, and make it possible to envisage a visit to Similan and Surin Island on our way North.

Tuesday 13th April. Songkran!
Two To Tango is now anchored on the southern bay of Koh Lipe. Max and Ina are cooling off ashore. Seb just called me from Pranburi to say the wind dropped completely up there, so both he and Nick will be sick when they will see the pics taken yesterday afternoon after we had anchored and sipped our fruitshakes ashore! The connection is slow here, so I don't know if I will manage to upload anything to Nautikite's gallery today. I'll try to get at least some low res preview across. Moreover, Max waits for me to get back to the beach to get some more riding around this quite unique place.
Songkran doesn't seem to be celebrated the way it should over here :-(. Far too mild.

Wednesday 14th April. Telaga Harbour in Langkawi.
Arrived last night. No berths available for catamarans so we will be staying another night at anchor in the bay. Some wind this afternoon meant some riding for me, whilst Max and Ina were sightseeing nearby. We'll likely to move to Kuah, the main town, if a berth is found there.

The Andaman Blues teaser is uploaded: Andaman Blues

More to come...

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