Is IKO (International Kiteborading Organisation) relevant? 
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This is a topic I long wanted to cover, but a post (More IKO troubles) in spared me the work. This is what I read (and applauded) today:

The IKO Headquarters in the DR is quite a joke. I live quite close to it. From what i can tell, the office is full of women, most if not all of them don't kite and I have never seen any of these IKO people on the Kitebeach or on Bozo Beach (200 meters away from the office), I suspect they have no clue what goes on in their own backyard.
If you sit 5 minutes on any of the Cabarete beaches you will quickly realize that they do not implement any of the safety rules they claim to follow. They're too busy sitting in that office sucking the money out of clueless riders all around the world.

I won't deny the business idea is genius, they make serious money out of nothing, just by using words like "safety and danger" as a leverage to mold the minds of government officials. Here in Cabarete, they seem to implement only the part where you have to pay!

From what i have seen on Kitebeach, If you want to be an IKO instructor all you need is money, no skills or experience is necessary as long as you can mow the lawn and you have money to give them, you will get certified. A guy i knew took the IKO course, failed the written test, they just made him shadow an instructor for a few hours and he got certified. The guy sucked at kiting and he was most definitely not experienced enough to be an instructor.

I know all this is old news but every time i walk by that office i get annoyed, IKO is the leach of the kiteboarding industry, they take a lot but gives nothing useful back to the kiting community.
Knowing how they are, i can't even imagine living near a spot where you have no choice but pay these people to ride.

I wish one day the kiters of Cabarete would riot and burn their office to the ground.


New schools are popping everywhere, and obviously, many are eager to take a shortcut to get the punter's trust. What easier than buying the IKO sticker for instant recognition? Old and established schools either never bothered with IKO or are shrugging any affiliation with IKO.

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